Visit Virunga

Enjoy Congo gorilla safaris in Democratic Republic of Congo visiting Virunga National Park a home of the mountain gorillas and Nyiragongo trek to the summit with the shelters offering your overnight stay at the top of the mountain.

This Website is managed by a local African safari company offering the very affordable Congo gorilla tours, Chimpanzee trek and habituation, visit Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage, enjoy the Congo hounds and bird watching and all this can be arranged by our travel experts with knowledge about Congo safari logistics.

For more complex bookings please contact our bookings department and everything will be tailored based on your traveling pattern. We advise all visitors to read the tourist safety information in Virunga National Park.

The management of Virunga National Park is dedicated to ensuring the highest safety and security of all its visitors. Virunga Rangers are trained at international standards for visitor protection, including close protection, communication, first aid and evacuation procedures. In addition, Park management oversees the security environment by maintaining close ties with local authorities, community leaders, embassies, UN agencies and NGOs.

We ask all visitors to adopt the appropriate level of sensitivity to the local cultural and political environment as an essential element of your personal security and of those accompanying you throughout your visit.

Lastly, Park management emphasizes the importance of all visitors making themselves aware of the current security situation at the time of their visit. When organizing a trip to Virunga, we advise that visitors check with their government’s office of foreign affairs about any travel alerts.