1. I want to visit the gorillas, what should I bring with me for the trip?

• Good walking shoes
• Rain gear
• Long trousers & sleeves
• Camera
• Snacks (in case of a long trek)

2. I am planning to climb the volcano what should I bring with me?

• Sleeping Bag
• Food (lunch, dinner, breakfast)
• Water (3 liters p.p. minimum)
• Any other drinks required
• Change of dry clothes
• Rain gear
• Good walking shoes
• Warm Clothes (sweater, jacket) is very cold up there.
• Sun cream
• Warm Hat
• Torch
• Camera

3. What Currency is used in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

The DRC has its own currency the Congolese Franc, however for normal day to day expenditures US$ are easily excepted and valid as a Congolese citizen currency. The exchange rate is approximately 1US$ = 1000CF (June 2011)

4. What facilities can I expect at Mikeno Lodge?

Each bungalow has it’s own lounge area surrounding a fireplace, a private terrace and a bathroom with both a hot water bath and shower.

The main building has a restaurant and separate bar area, both supplied by our very own wine cellar.

We have ample parking space to accommodate your vehicle if necessary, but transport between Goma and the lodge can be arranged if you would prefer.

5. How Many Orphan Mountain Gorillas are housed at the Senkwekwe Centre?
We have four orphan mountain gorillas living at Senkwekwe. Kaboko, Maisha, Ndezi and Ndekasi.