Community Work

Where does your money go?

50% of your permit fee goes to ICCN (Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature)

ICCN is the Congolese wildlife authority. ICCN use this money for funding the management and conservation efforts in Congolese National Parks. Activities include: – Management and conservation of Democratic Republic of Congo’s biodiversity in protected areas – Promotion of scientific research – Development of Eco – tourism within the framework of conservation – Development of populations living around protected areas

30% of your permit fee is invested by Virunga National Park into community projects

These projects include activities such as building schools, health centres, and improving water supplies to local communities.

20% of your permit fee goes towards the operational costs of Virunga National Park

Operational costs can range from salaries of our rangers who play an invaluable role in the survival of the park to investment in infrastructure in and around the park which also benefits local communities.