Save Virunga

Virunga National Park is famously known for the mountain gorillas and the Nyiragongo mount and most of the travelers visiting the Virunga Park come to witness the active mount Nyiragongo Volcano in Africa together with the gorilla trekking safari experience.

Virunga has become most popular in the entire world though still there some dangerous tragedies occurring from the small groups of terrorists with no much vision but to scare away tourists coming to this park and may be we may think that the old digging is making the park dangerous but as conservationists that can not scare us away to protect the mountain gorillas and now so many conservation programs are taking places in the park and one is Congo Hounds where nature lovers have provided trained dogs to hunt down these poachers in the park together with the gunned trained rangers.

Therefore, it is open campaign to all conservationists in the world to join us save this oldest park from the negative impact that may make disappear yet this is the only park in the entire Africa with high level of biodiversity.