Welcome to Democratic Republic of Congo! Before you leave the Democratic Republic of Congo do not miss the visit to the Virunga National Park where you can experience the mountain gorilla viewing and hiking to the active mountain Nyiragongo.

While in this park you can have a spacious stay at the only luxury lodge, Mikeno that is situated at the foot steps of the mount Mikeno and while staying at this park you can do gorilla trek, visit to the Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage center for free and experience the Congo Hounds experience an initiative that is being launched in the Virunga massifs to protect the mountain gorillas and other tourism products in this park.

More so for those visiting the park and interested staying mid-range and budget there is other gorilla safari camp you can stay. Among them includes:

  • Bukima Tented Camp
  • Lulimbi Tented Camp
  • Kibumba Tented Camp
  • Tchegera Tented Camp
  • Nyiragongo Shelters
  • Ngila Tented Camp

If you want to visit Virunga contact us and our travel expert will provide you with the detailed package of your choice.