How to Get to Democratic Republic of Congo.

Visit the Democratic Republic of Congo – How to Get there.

Situated in the Central part of Africa, DR Congo is the second-largest in Africa and largest in Sub-Saharan Africa. With its diverse natural wonders, welcoming locals and favorable climatic conditions, this prime destination can’t miss amongst Africa’s must destinations. Thousands of travelers flock in to explore all its charm.

This amazing destination share borders with Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania in the East, Zambia in the South, Central African Republic in the North, Angola and Gabon in the West.

Getting there is the first question you should first ask yourself before packing. It is a little bit complicated, but with this below detailed information, you will know how to make it.

Democratic Republic of Congo’s air transportation is somehow hectic, and this was brought about by the constant civil wars. That shouldn’t limit you from visiting this fertile destination, it’s more secure and packed with a plethora of things to explore.

More than that, if you are to visit DR Congo it is recommended that you land in Rwanda at Kigali International Airport. Later transfer from Kigali up to Goma border by a well-conditioned 4×4 Safari jeep provided by a local operator like Eco Tours Congo.

At Goma border, some documentations including Tourist Visa, Yellow fever vaccination and valid passport are required in order to be issued with the entry permission to DR Congo. From the border, you will continue to different places of interest like Virunga National Park, Kahuzi Biega and more by jeeps from Virunga foundation.

The driver from Rwanda will wait you at the border for all your days you are to spend in DR Congo. After your remarkable moments with the Gorillas in Virunga, hike to Mountain Nyiragongo or Lowland Gorilla encounters in Kahuzi Biega, you will be transferred back to Kigali for an overnight stay, return flight or cross to Uganda.

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