Best Honeymoon Destinations in DR Congo

Top Destinations to see in DR Congo – Visit Virunga & Kahuzi Biega National Park

The Democratic Republic of Congo, in the Sub-Saharan Central parts of Africa, is one of the most ideal destinations for honeymooners.

The country comprises of various places where couples on their honeymoons can opt for however, the following are some of the best and perfect places to opt for;


This is known as the oldest national park in the African continent and it is one of the only four Parks in the whole world where one can enjoy the interesting activity of trekking the rare endangered mountain gorillas.

Trekking of the endangered mountain gorillas is one of the most challenging activities as one will need to hike and search them in the thick forests of Virunga but trust me it is one of those activities you should ever get involved into at least once in life.

Though the activity is a bit challenging, the experience you get out of it is of a lifetime that you will not forget easily.

The trekking will take like 4 to 6 hours while searching for the gorillas, depending on where they spent their last night, and for that case, it means that you can also find the gorillas within less than that estimated time.

Once you meet the gorillas, you will have a face to face view of these great apes for only one hour. In that one hour you will be enjoying various behaviors of the gorillas plus taking as many photos as you can for great memories.

Couples on their honeymoon will definitely enjoy their time in Virunga National Park while enjoying and achieving a lifetime experience of trekking the endangered mountain gorillas as well as hiking the Nyiragongo Volcano.

Virunga’s top activities are; gorilla trekking, and the two days Nyiragongo hiking which will enable you meet the world’s largest lava lake resided at the summits of the volcano.

In order for you to enjoy these two interesting activities, you need to contact a reliable local tour agency in advance such as Eco Tours Congo to organize your honeymoon safari thoroughly well for you to attain memorable escapades.

The agency will therefore book for you the Nyiragongo hike permit and the Democratic Republic of Congo gorilla permit which you will need to possess in order for you to get involved in the two joyous activities in Virunga.

Arguably a Democratic Republic of Congo gorilla permit is the cheapest of all costing only US$ 400 as compared to those in Uganda and Rwanda, which also protect the rare endangered mountain gorillas, where their gorilla permits cost US$ 600 (in Uganda) and US$ 1500 (in Rwanda).

The Nyiragongo hike permit costs US$ 300 for you to be able get the stunning views of the bubbling lava lake at the summits of Nyiragongo Volcano.

Besides mountain gorilla trekking and Nyiragongo hiking, there are also many other enjoyable activities that couples will enjoy during their honeymoon safari, and these include; chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, spectacular views of Nyamuragira volcano (one of the most active volcanoes in Africa), and game viewing, among others.


This is also an ideal honeymoon destination in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Whoever is planning for a honeymoon safari in the Democratic Republic of Congo should put Kahuzi-Biega as one of his/her top destinations to choose from.

The Park lies within a close proximity to the town of Bukavu in the eastern province of Democratic Republic of Congo, near the western bank of Lake Kivu and Rwanda border.

The Park is set in both mountainous and lowland terrains, and the most enjoyable activity in the Park is also gorilla trekking as it is in Virunga though the only difference here is that trekkers will be trekking the eastern lowland gorillas ahead of mountain gorillas.

The eastern lowland gorillas are not by far different to the mountain gorillas but there are ‘’of course’’ various characters that differentiate the two types of gorillas.

Therefore, it is always a great feeling if at all you not only trek the mountain gorillas in Virunga but also go on to trek the lowland gorillas in Kahuzi-Biega for great memorable escapades.

It will therefore be a great opportunity to couples who will choose to take their honeymoon safari in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as they will be able to trek both the endangered mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas, of which Democratic Republic of Congo is the only country where these two gorilla types can be trekked at ago.

The price for a Democratic Republic of Congo gorilla permit remains constant (US$ 400), whether you are to trek the mountain gorillas or the eastern lowland gorillas.

However besides trekking the lowland gorillas, there are also many other wildlife species that you will view during your game viewing, such as; eastern chimpanzees, bush buffaloes, and bush elephants, among others plus a myriad of bird species.

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